Faculty of Marketing

Department of Commercial Activity and Logistics

The Department of commercial activity and logistics was created in 2017 on the basis of the Department of marketing and is one of the youngest in KNEU. However, the considerable scientific potential of the University is accumulated here.

Creation of a separate Department of commercial activity and logistics became a logical and necessary step in the frame of new challenges and opportunities for the development of the national economy, which appeared in the period 2014-2017. Further development of logistics potential and market infrastructure of Ukraine, its active integration into the world economic processes, its sustainable development in the face of existing geopolitical risks and further enhancement of competitiveness of domestic enterprises, industries and territories are impossible without participation of highly professional specialists in logistics and supply chain management.

Such specialists are trained by our Department.

Today's mission of the Department is to form the key competencies for graduates of the specialty "Commercial activity and logistics" in the field of modern logistic management, that are the most demanded in national and international labor market. Based on the principles "Bonum initium est dimidium facti" and "Non scholae sed vitae discimus" ("Good start is a half of work" and "We learn not for school, but for life"), the department effectively combines theoretical and practical aspects of teaching modern disciplines of logistics cycle. Practical applicability of the results of the research and educational activities is one of the most important guidelines in the development of an effective educational process for the Department commercial activity and logistics.

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The Department of commercial activity and logisticshas begun its history in the structure of the Department of marketing. The first scientific works in the field of logistics and commercial activity were the works of A.F. Pavlenko "Economics of Warehousing", "Warehousing and Packaging Economy", "Organization and Planning of Enterprises for Products Supply and Sale", "Organization and Planning of Delivery of Products", A.V. Voichak "Commodity Studies", V. Ya. Kardash “Standardization and certification of products”, A.G. Kalchenko and others.

In the conditions of intensification of processes of globalization and European integration, complication of management of material, financial and information flows, constantly increasing unproductive out-of-production costs, the problem of training specialists in commercial activity and logistics was actualized, the solution of which became one of the perspective tasks of the newly created Department in 2017.

Challenges of the domestic economic present lead to increasing requirements for practical training of the graduates of the Department. With this aim a certification program "Logistics" for undergraduate students has been developed. Leading practitioners are invited to enhance students' practical skills.

The Department of commercial activityhas signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Maritime Business and Logistics in Bremen (Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics) (Germany). According to the agreement, students’ exchange and joint training programs are created. Professor Hans-Dietrich HAASIS - Head of the Department of Maritime Business and Logistics, University of Bremen (Germany), is a member of advisory government bodies (including the Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) and non-governmental organizations of Germany and other countries, and also a member of editorial boards of international journals logistics, infrastructure and management.

Students of the Department are actively involved into scientific work. The staff of the Department is constantly working on improving the curricula of bachelors and masters levels, developing work programs of the disciplines of the Department.