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Journal of Regional Science and Sustainable Development Economics


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Design and content of articles. Articles should be written in the Western academic tradition with the use of original research methodological approach and / or with sufficient empirical evidence. Articles should be written in English not less than 15 pages (max. amount 30 pages), page format A4, font Cambria 12 and include:  abstract and keywords, JEL Classification Codes, Introduction (subject of the study, research purpose, objectives);  thorough literature review of scientists’ contribution to the subject (with emphasis on the research papers from the OECD-countries); presented own or improved available research methodology (or alternatively model) for analysis); results of analysis (alternatively model testing); implication or proposed development scenarios and perspectives; references; appendix (if available).

Authors of article encouraged to use modern qualitative and quantitative analysis approaches based on statistic data (economic mathematical or econometric methods) and the presence of self-generated charts, graphs and tables. Preferably is to operate with design models or algorithms of regional economic processes via diagrams and flowcharts that would alternatively describe logically consistent system / optimization function of processes or structure/ iterative function of processes/ regional institutional design and mechanisms.


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Volume 1 Number 1 December 2018  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xDlJ17rx23s5HRLFvji4j5B3kxzTkPk8