Faculty of Marketing

The marketing and the personnel management based on the knowledge of objective economic laws are among the most important elements of the efficient business in conditions of the market-based economy.The marketing and personnel management specialists exercise organisational/economic, management and research activities at enterprises, in intermediary and trading companies, commodity exchanges, logistics and sales departments, research institutions, consultancy and advertising companies, relevant units of banks and economy management bodies.The competence of marketing specialists includes the ascertainment of marketing pre-requisites for the competitiveness and the efficient operation of an enterprise, the development of recommendations in respect of the selection of the optimum commodity, pricing, sales and communication policy, the organisational structure, the enhancement of the involvement of the personnel into decision development and making, the creation of conditions for the improvement of the professional and social competence of employees, the improvement of the personnel assessment systems, the improvement of the labour productivity, the integration of efforts of all units of an enterprise for the attainment of its strategic goals.The Faculty trains bachelors and masters at full-time, evening and extramural forms of study, as well as teachers via its post-graduate and doctoral schools.

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The high standard of training of graduates of the Marketing Faculty in socio-political, general economy, technical and core disciplines ensures the successful performance of the entire range of specialist assignments providing a reliable basis for the successful performance of business operations of marketing-oriented enterprises and organisations.