Faculty of Marketing

Research Activities

The research activities of the Department are focused on studying pressing issues of the development of the economy of regions of Ukraine and the regional economic policy, the development of the scientific methodology foundations of the solution of environmental problems, the research into the most complicated problems of the spatial development of Ukraine's economy. 

The Department co-operates with many research organisations and institutions, including M.V. Ptukha Institute of Demography and Social Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Institute of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the field of the preparation and defence of PhD theses, the participation in scientific conferences, the development of teaching aids and textbooks.

The following are the priority lines of scientific research of the Department:

  • Methodological principles of the regional and spatial development of Ukraine
  • Scientific principles of the management of the socio-economic development of regions of Ukraine
  • Assessment of the potential of regions for the development of the concept of their development
  • Contemporary socio-economic and environmental problems of the development of regions of Ukraine, and ways of their solution.
  • Research into pressing issues of the safe livelihood.


Last redaction: 15.06.23