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                              International Academic Initiatives Conference




                                                                                  March 19-20, 2020


                                                 Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman,

                                                                    54/1 Prospect Peremogy, Kyiv, Ukraine

                                                                                       Conference hall





The purposes of the conference:


  • highlight by participants their research results and implication prospects within the fundamental and applied regional and urban studios, which reflect the rough edges of the actual spatial economic, social and ecological development of the regions and territorial functional areas of different types;
  • encourage a professional discussion of controversial approaches to identifying the boundaries of the functioning of economic regions in view of their  territorial and administrative jurisdiction and economic rationality;
  • ensure the exchange of scientific and practical experiences in resolving the contradictions between the economic interests of businesses and the spatial administrative objectives of regional/local authorities.


Basic tasks of the conference:


  •  present the results of research on regional development issues, which are related to contradictions / inconsistencies between the existing administrative territorial division at the national, subnational and supranational levels and those global, international regional and integration processes, which reflect the economic and social interests of certain regions and functional territories formed and go beyond the administrative boundaries;
  • outline existing mechanisms in the European / world practice for resolving conflicts between goals / gains of business entities, which represent economic functional regions, and state / supranational / local authorities of administrative territorial units;
  • find own implication of the research results to improve the system of planning and administering the functional regions/functional urban areas by authorities, businesses and communities in Ukraine to overcome institutional barriers and overstep conditional geographic and economic spatial boundaries;
  • start a debateon the prospects of Ukraine moving from the model of local economic decentralization (model of economic localism) to the economic transnationalization of Ukrainian regions in the context of implementing the EU regional policy. The open questions are: Will these processes lead to the formation of effective functional economic spatial entities on the territory of Ukraine within civilized models of economic regionalism? To what extent the actual established administrative system of regional territorial units in Ukraine will change in view to these processes?
  • Involve into the open discussion academic and R&D-community; public experts; representatives of businesses, public organizations; city project managers, and representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine and local authorities as well.


The conference will comprise following research topics:


  • Economic Regions of the Supranational and Subnational Levels
  • Internationalization vs. Economic Localism of the Regions
  • State /Supranational Regional Policy, Decentralization
  • Impact Limits of Institutions and Authorities in the Governance of Regional  Development
  • Urbanization of Economic Development and the Prospects of Transforming Urban Centers into Cities-States
  • Cross-Border Regional Business Clusters, Global and Local Spatial Production Networks
  • Development of Rural and Peripheral areas
  • Local and Regional Infrastructure Development (Trans-Regional Infrastructure)
  • Adaptation of Regions to Climate Change and Sustainable Energy
  • Demography, Migration and Regional Labor Markets
  • Tourism Regions: Development, Institutional Framework and Smart Local Governance


The conference invites scholars, academic teachers and specialized experts, post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate students, representatives of government agencies, NGOs. During the conference our moderators scheduled online forum discussion of the participants.


The languages of the conference are English and Ukrainian.


Conference Participation


  • No conference fee!  Conference participation is free of charge.
  • Participation in the Conference (presence in the conference hall or remote/online participation)
  •  All Conference Materials
  • Refreshments and drinks during the conference
  • Lunch
  • Free Wi-Fi at the venue of the conference
  • Free excursions and social program accompanied by university students at will
  • Electronic certificates.

Participants cover themselves their costs for transfer, hotels, visas, dinner or any other costs which might appear. The organizing committee will provide informational support for accommodation and stay in Kyiv during the conference period.


To take part in the conference and get electronic conference publication, participants should send no later than 20 February 2020 their conference papers (written and designed strictly in accordance with the structure and content requirements mentioned above) and conference participation application on e-mail address: regionalistics@gmail.com (with the obligation to indicate the subject: "Regional Boundaries Conference 2020").

After receipt the conference paper (short report) by Conference Organizing Committee the author will receive a notice about its acceptation to publication.


The participants of International Academic Initiatives Conference “¿ Administrative Territorial vs. Economic Spatial Boundaries of the Regions? havethe opportunity on the basis of the conducted for this conference research to submit free of charge an articlein a new edition of the Electronic Journal of Regional Science and Sustainable Development Economics of the  Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman.



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