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Memorandum of Understanding between Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman and Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association (IUESA)23 April 2018р.

Оn April 17, 2018  Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman and the Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association (IUESA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The realization of cooperation within the framework of this Memorandum from the University is entrusted to the Department of Regional Studies and Tourism.


RECOGNIZING the importance of science and research in development both of the Parties, 


DESIRING to strengthen and further develop cooperation between the two parties in the field of urban economics and management, 


BELIEVING that such cooperation would serve their common interests and contribute to the development of science in both countries,


HAVE AGREED as follows


1. To facilitate the exchange of academic members, researchers and experts for conducting research, teaching or exchange of ideas. 

2. To provide opportunities for professors and researchers to participate in conferences, symposia and international meetings of both parties. 

3. To collaborate in holding, joint scientific, research and technological exhibitions and conducting joint research projects.

4. To exchange information, books, scientilic publications, scientific and research documents, students' theses, microfilms and computer softwares in the educational, research and technological areas. 

5. To execute of the any articles of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) both parties will set executive program based on the mutual agreement. 


Memorandum of Understanding shall remain valid for 3 (three) years with the possibility of extending in time.