Faculty of Marketing

Marketing Management

Future employment: the full course in  Master's Program "Marketing Management" allows masters to work as managers and marketing-directors of enterprises and companies with various forms of ownership.
Graduates know how to use the principles and methods of marketing research, perform complex technical and economic calculations of planning specific research and marketing activities. They are able to create and be heads of both marketing departments of enterprises of different industries and specialized marketing firms.

The marketing specialists exercise organizational and economic, managerial and research activities in enterprises, intermediaries and trade organizations, services of supplying and selling, research institutions, consulting firms, certain bank units, in the organs of economic management. They analyze and forecast market situation, develop recommendations for launch of goods and formation of their range, carry out various activities to identify and implement marketing programs, pricing and marketing policy of enterprises, logistics of production and so on. They are specialists, whose circle of responsibilities include informing  consumers, formation and meeting consumers’ demands, promotion through the use of marketing tools. They conduct scientific research, provide effective functioning of marketing institutions and departments of enterprises, stimulate the production and marketing of gooods, promote continuous improvement of quality of goods and services.

Last redaction: 26.06.20