Faculty of Marketing

Advertising Management

The Master's Program "Advertising Management" combines fundamental marketing education with practical skills in the field of communications. Graduates of this Master's Program after a full course of study may work as managers and marketing directors of enterprises with different forms of ownership, be heads of advertising, PR- and marketing departments, be directors of advertising and PR- agencies, hold executive positions in the media, public organizations.
Masters in Advertising Management know how to use principles and methods of analyzing and forecasting market conditions, perform complex technical and economic calculations of planning marketing communication programs, carry out diverse works on definition and implementation of advertising and PR strategies, improvement of advertising policies of enterprises with different forms of ownership.
After graduating Masters in Advertising Management successfully solve complex problems concerning formation of brands, creating and maintaining positive image of enterprises, development and implementation of promotional and PR campaigns. These are specialists who professionally develop and implement strategic, tactical and operational plans of advertising and marketing communication activities, control their implementation. They are able to manage the advertising process in the enterprise, to create advertising appeal to different media and place them with the most efficient use of manipulative techniques to ensure the communication process, approach to solving marketing communication objectives in creative way.
The circle of duties of Masters in Advertising Management includes long-term partnership relations between market persons through the implementation of highly efficient communications, which include the study of customers, partners, competitors, informing and persuading them, promotion through the creation of advertising products, provide advertising services and promotion.

Last redaction: 12.12.18