Faculty of Marketing

Getting to know the school of marketing of Philipps-Universität Marburg20 July 2023р.

Today I would like to introduce you to our colleague, who heads the direction of research in the field of Marketing and Retail Management at the School of Business and Economics of the University of Marburg – this is Prof. Dr. Michael Lingenfelder.

If we briefly describe the meeting of two marketers, we can say that they will always and quickly find a common language and understand each other! Yes, indeed, we are different in many ways, we represent different marketing schools, we explore different areas of modern marketing etc. But there is something in common that unites us all – this is the philosophy of modern marketing! Besides, we are all representatives of its European school!

Prof. Dr. Michael Lingenfelder managed to form a powerful team of researchers in the field of modern Marketing and Retail Management on the basis of the School of Business and Economics of the University of Marburg. Here are just a few areas of their scientific research: relationship marketing, shopper marketing, supplier-retailer relations, health care management, small- and medium-sized enterprises etc. I will also note that all these areas are being explored in a cross-functional format.

I am sincerely grateful to the honorable Prof. Dr. Michael Lingenfelder for the opportunity to attend an open lecture on marketing, to talk with four PhD candidates who presented the intermediate results of their dissertation research and for the opportunity to discuss the prospects of further cooperation between representatives of our marketing schools. If we talk about other results of our meeting for the development of our educational programs of the marketers training at KNEU, they are as follows:

  • in the nearest future, the leading lecturers and professors of the Department of Marketing named after A.F. Pavlenko of KNEU will be involved in the online format in the discussion and approval of dissertation research topics of new PhD level applicants of the University of Marburg in the field of marketing;
  • further our colleagues will also be able to participate in the discussion of the intermediate results of such studies of PhD degree holders of the University of Marburg and provide them with external reviews of dissertation works in the process of their preparation for defense;
  • for our applicants of the third (educational and scientific) level of higher education, there is an opportunity to intern for a month at the Research Group of Marketing and Retail Sales Management of the School of Business and Economics of Marburg University! This will give them the opportunity to access its information and library resources, exchange research experience, develop methodological apparatus, apply leading European experience in such processes and much more! Prof. Dr. Michael Lingenfelder and his colleagues will be happy to meet our applicants of the Department of Marketing of KNEU;
  • the preliminary prospects of conducting research in the post-war period of recovery of the economy of Ukraine are defined. Its purpose will be to determine promising markets and areas of business activities of small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine and Germany from the point of view of developing the Ukrainian and European markets for goods and services, respectively.

These are our preliminary results, which my colleague and I have discussed in details, but there is much more that can be realized by our joint efforts in the future.

Dear Prof. Dr. Michael Lingenfelder! Thank you very much for our meeting! I am convinced of the prospects of our further fruitful cooperation. And we will definitely meet in our wonderful city of Kyiv, in KNEU, at the Department of Marketing after our Victory!


Head of the Department of Marketing named after A.F. Pavlenko
Prof. Dr. Andrii Fedorchenko