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In 2016, the Department of Marketing celebrated its 50th anniversary. It began to take shape in the 1960s, when the system of the State Committee for Logistics of the USSR was functioning. To provide all parts of this system with highly qualified personnel and the development of the scientific base in several economic universities of the country, training of economists in material supply was organized. In Ukraine, such training began for the first time in 1961 at the Kyiv Institute of National Economy at the Department of Industrial Economics. In 1965, the Department of Labor Economics and Logistics was organized, headed by Assoc. Prof. A.F. Pastukhov, and then Assoc. Prof. A. O. Hess.

In July 1966, the Department of Economics of Material and Technical Supply began to function independently. In 1988 it was renamed to the Department of Material Resources Management, and in 1994 was reformed into the Department of Marketing.

In 2005, the staff of the Department of Marketing was awarded the Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

For 35 years, from July 1981 to December 2016, the Department was headed by the Hero of Ukraine, Academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Merited Figure of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Rector of KNEU (1987 - 2016), Doctor of Economics, Professor Anatoly Fedorovich Pavlenko, who was the founder of the national school of marketing and scientific school of marketing management, known in Ukraine and abroad author of many textbooks on marketing theory and practice, the first President of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Marketing Association" established in 1997 on the basis of KNEU.

A number of well-known in Ukraine and abroad marketing scientists was trained under the scientific guidance of Prof. A.F. Pavlenko.

in January 2018, in memory of Anatoliy Fedorovich Pavlenko and recognizing the traditions and achievements of the scientific school, the Department was named after him.


In 2011, the Institute of Marketing was established on the basis of the Department. The main direction of the Institute is the organization and conduct of research and implementation of scientific, technical and educational activities in the field of marketing. The director of the Institute is Candidate of Economic Sciences, Prof. Vladimir Petrovich Pilipchuk.

Since March 2017, the Department is headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor Andriy Vasyliovych Fedorchenko.


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